10. Common Foreign and Security Policy

Protecting Europe

Europe is facing the biggest security challenges since the end of the Cold War. NATO and the European Union are guarantors for peace, freedom and security. In light of diverse crises in the world, Europe must come closer together also in the fields of foreign, security and defence policies and maintain the capacity to act. That’s why the European Defense Union has been baptised. Its vision is a common European Army. Other focal points within Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP) are strengthening EU-NATO cooperation, cybersecurity and the fight against terrorism.


To successfully master the manifold tasks, cleverly balanced changes in the EU treaties are necessary. But the proposal to abandon the unanimity principle in favour of a majority principle in decision-making is not effective. Setting aside of the unanimity principle would increase the risk of further divisions among Member States. This would be absolutely counterproductive in front of many challenges in foreign and security policies. The consensus among Member States in these highly sensitive areas is crucial and requires unanimity also in the future.

– Increase defence budgets together on EU-Level

The increase of authoritarian countries and the emergence of new threats, e.g. through cyber-attacks, require a boost of the defence capability of Europe. Security is the basic requirement for a successful economic action. That’s why we must have a common EU defence budget that would allow all EU countries together to reach the 2,0% of GDP target to become credible in supporting the European Security Policy as well as NATO.

– Strengthen the European Security and Defence Union

The cooperation of European armies and security agencies should be further strengthened. For example, European armament projects could be realized more cheaply through cooperation and concentration on fewer weapon systems. SMEs must be fully and obligatorily involved in research and development as well as in the European supply chains for new armaments projects.

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Europe will come more together when it finally puts into place a strong common security and foreign policy, protecting the European People. Security and Defense research will offer the opportunity to SMEs to develop new products also for civilian markets.”

Stefan Moritz

Managing Director of European Entrepreneurs CEA-PME

European Parliament Elections on May 23-26th, 2019

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